A young and gifted voice. Known as Latin America’s Lyrical Pop Tenor, Eduardo Bosio dazzles stages around the world.

In the early days, he trained his voice with the Teatro Colon most prestigious teachers. He also received a scholarship to study in New York, USA, where he took classes with renowned singer John Macurdy, from the Metropolitan Opera Theatre.
His excellency led him to join the two most important theaters in Argentina, the Teatro Argentino de La Plata and the Teatro Colon.
He travelled twice to Germany, being selected from within 1200 applicants for the “Neue Stimmen” (New Voices) contest, and having qualified for the Competizione Dell’ Opera contest.

His warm, strong and charismatic voice pushed him into well known events, such as the opening act for the Davis Cup in Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club, since 2005 until these days. He was honored with the distinction of interpreting the national anthems for all the countries who visited Argentina in recent years. (Croatia, Serbia, Japan, France, Italy, and more.)
Another remarkable highlight in his career is having been chosen and invited by latin-romantic singer Maria Martha Serra Lima to join her on her concerts at the Teatro Coliseo of Buenos Aires.

His voice full of nuances, layers, inflections and strong lyrical formation allows El Tenor to perform in a wide range of musical genders with power and versatility. Eduardo Bosio has truly become the first Lyrical-Pop Tenor of Latin America.

In recent years he met the producer Robert Brandon Valencia, president of “Solid Sound Entertainment” Production Company, based in Los Angeles, California. This synergy between the pop and soul sounds contributed by Robert Brandon Valencia and the versatility of Eduardo Bosio’s lyrical voice, created the first Lyrical Pop album of Argentina. The prestigious Sofia Symphonic Orchestra, Bulgari, printed their quality and professionalism in this album, completing a masterful piece. The post-production of the record was finished in Los Angeles, California.

The official presentation of the album took place in the “Usina del Arte”, one of the most prestigious and imposing stages of Buenos Aires with an attendance that surpassed the most optimistic production expectations.

Eduardo Bosio’s voice takes us to a place full of emotions, where the warmth of known melodies together with the defying original sounds, intrigues us and awakes new sensations.

Eduardo Bosio. One voice, a thousand emotions.